/Learn what meditation is and how to do it

Learn what meditation is and how to do it

Meditation There is a way that helps us to make our lives better, it not only contributes to our mental peace, but it also plays a role in achieving our life’s purpose but also to many people Don’t know about What is meditation and how do Therefore, they are deprived of it.

In today’s time, every person is mentally disturbed and this condition causes unhappiness and unrest in his life, this is the reason why he is not able to achieve success in his life because he feels that success only means his Willingness is to be fulfilled.

what is meditation and dhyan hindi

But after every wish is fulfilled, a new desire is born and then he starts taking it and this cycle continues his whole life, thus he does not understand what the purpose of his life is and he has to What do you want with life

The purpose of life of every person is different and he himself chooses the purpose of his life, but if he has not understood what is the purpose of his life, then he considers his wishes as the purpose of his life.

It is true that the purpose of your desires arises but you have complete control over it. Just like your uncontrolled anger hurts you, but controlled anger fulfills the purpose of your anger. Unless you have no control over wishes, you are unable to achieve the purpose of your life.

Therefore, Meditation is a way that you can control your desires and achieve your life’s purpose by calming the mind, so today we will try to give you complete information about what is meditation and how to do it.

What is Meditation – What is Meditation

Meditation, which is called meditation in Hindi language, its definition can be different for every person. If we tell you in very simple words, meditation is a process that teaches to control your dynamic mind and desires and also every person Helps recognize the infinite powers inside.

Every human has some powers that can change his whole life, but he runs in the race of this worldly life in such a way that he does not fully identify himself with what the purpose of his life is. is ?

Meditation works in the same way as after sleeping at night, in the morning you feel calm and full of energy. But meditation does not mean sleeping, but it is a state that, while awakening, reduces the thoughts going on in your mind and makes you aware of your actual appearance.

Oso says that Meditation is like a boon for humanity because with Meditation we can also treat diseases whose treatment is not possible yet.

Meditation is a bit difficult in the initial days, so for this you need to practice every day, our body gets countless benefits of meditating or meditation and new energy is transmitted in the body, so let’s know whether meditation or meditation How to do it.

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dhyan aur meditaion kaise kare

How do meditation and meditation

You can do meditation anywhere and anytime but from 5 am to 5 pm, the time and calm atmosphere is considered to be the best for meditation and at the same time this situation proves to be helpful for you to meditate.

There are many ways to do meditation and all have the same objective: to make a person aware of his real life and to give peace to the mind are some of the main types of meditation.

Type of Meditation

Transcendental Meditation

Heart Rhythm Meditation


Guided Meditation

Yoga meditation

Vipassana Meditation


There can be thousands of methods of meditation, but the easiest and simplest method is to keep your spine ie the waist straight and at the same time keep your neck straight while sitting, lying, standing in any quiet place as you feel comfortable. You can meditate like that.

As we told you, meditation in the early days is a bit difficult but by repeated practice you learn to meditate. So in the initial days, practice meditation for 2 to 5 minutes and then you can gradually increase its time.

While doing meditation, you have to take your thoughts completely to zero and go to the depths while feeling your mother-in-law. After closing the eyes, do not try to see anything inside, it starts hurting your head.

Rather, after closing your eyes, you have to take all the views and thoughts of this world to zero position only and only in your mind. Because according to science it is said that our mind can only imagine those pictures which it has never seen.

Therefore, while meditating you have to take all the thoughts of this world to a zero state so that you can recognize the reality inside you.

Meditation does not mean sleep and sleep because during meditation you are in a waking state and if something happens around you then you have knowledge of them.

Important tips for meditation and meditation

1. Choose a location of quiet environment for meditation so that you do not get distracted by external sounds.

2. Morning time is considered best for meditation.

3. Sit in such a comfortable position for meditation that you can remain motionless for a long time.

4. Do not eat food before meditation, because of this, you do not feel sleepy nor do you have an empty stomach.

5. Keep a small smile on your face during meditation.

6. During meditation, take long and deep breaths so that the muscles become calm.

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Benefits of Meditation

Here we can tell you that there are countless benefits of doing meditation, it is also very beneficial physically as well as physical benefits.

1. It gives peace to your mind.

2. It increases your thinking power.

3. It increases your mental concentration.

4. It develops mentally and physically.

5. It calms your angry behavior.

6. It relieves your headaches, sleeplessness, distressed mental state.

7. Meditation increases the transmission of energy in you.

8. Enjoyment of every moment of life can be experienced through meditation.

9. With meditation you can control your mind and desires.

10. Meditation develops your personality.

11. Meditation causes you to develop happiness.

12. Meditation increases your ability to be patient.

13. By doing meditation, you gain confidence.

14. Meditation provides benefits in your physical health.

Most people are unaware of what meditation is and how they do it, but many spiritual teachers have believed that meditation is like a boon for humans and meditation means that many people have believed that their lives will change. is.

infographinc meditation and dhyan hindi

Friends, till now I have read and learned about meditation, it is based on it, as I had told in the beginning that it has different definitions for every human being, so I have shared with you as much understanding about it. .

I hope you find this post of mine what is meditation and how do It will definitely get help and how did you find this post, let us know in the comment so that we will have the courage to do our work in a better way and also with our friends and family members. Share Do it