/What is Fastag and how to make complete information

What is Fastag and how to make complete information

From December 1, another major change is going to be made in the country by the Indian government, under which all four wheel vehicles will now be required to fasten through the toll plazas of all the national highways across the country, so it becomes very important for you to know. Is that What is Fastag and how to use Fastag.

Also, people who do not use Fastag after 1 December 2019 will be charged double toll plaza, so it will be mandatory to use Fastag on toll plazas now.

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Often long queues of vehicles are seen at toll plazas which waste a lot of our time and we have to face many problems, so now the fastening of all vehicles has been made mandatory by the Indian government to make this process more To be made better.

Therefore, out of 527 toll plazas of the National Highway of the country, 380 toll plazas have been equipped with Fastag and the rest of the other toll plazas are also being equipped with Fastag technology and after 1 December this Fastag will be available for all four wheel vehicles. But it will be mandatory to levy, otherwise you will be charged double toll plaza.

The biggest benefit of the fastag being mandatory on four-wheelers will be to get rid of the hassles caused by the toll collection system and then you will not have to wait for several minutes at the toll plaza.

Although Fastag technology has been used in India only in 2014, but there is a large population of India which does not use Fastag yet and many people do not know what is Fastag.

Therefore, it has now been decided by the Indian government that it is necessary to fasten all four-wheelers which will promote digital payments and get rid of the long lines on toll plazas.

Fastag will be used from December 1, so it is very important for you to know that What is Fastag and how to use Fastag as well as how to make Fastag card So that you do not have to face any kind of problem.

What is Fastag – What are Fastag

Fastag is a technique that uses automatic payment after passing through the toll plaza and the payment is deducted from your bank account as it is linked to your bank account.

This is a technique by which you pay toll tax without stopping at the toll plaza and the amount is deducted from your account.

Electronic means are used for this and the government wants to achieve 100 percent toll tax now through Fastag so that every toll plaza tax can be accurately assessed and at the same time unnecessary waste on toll plazas is not wasted.

Therefore, Fastag has been made mandatory on all vehicles after December 1, so it has become necessary for those who had not yet used Fastag because double toll tax will be levied on vehicles without Fastag.

How Fastag Works – How Fastag Works

Fastag has radio frequency identification ie RFID Technology is used so Fastag is installed on the windscreen of the car and as soon as the train comes near the toll plaza, the sensors of the toll plaza are fastened on the windscreen of the car, which connects to the fastag due to which automatic payment is made from the Fastag Account. And you pay toll plaza tax without any interruption.

You can link Fastag to your bank account or to the payment wallet of the Highways Authority of India, after which payments are made from the automatic account every time you pass the toll plaza.

In case of no money in Fastag Account, you Fastag recharge You have to do it and the duration of Fastag is 5 years i.e. after 5 years you have to install a new Fastag on your car.

Benefit of Fastag – Benefits of Fastag

After Fastag is mandatory in India, you get a lot of benefits by using Fastag which is not available before, so it is very important for you to know about the benefits of Fastag so that you can take advantage of it using Fastag.

Save Fuel And Time

The use of Fastag saves both fuel and time because often there are long queues for toll tax at the Aksar toll plaza, during which the vehicles are in vain due to fuel losses as well as long queues for several minutes. You have to wait for the payment of toll tax, but after the implementation of Fastag service, both time and fuel will be used because now you do not have to stop for toll tax.

Cashless payment

This works to promote cashless payments as Fastag is mandatory as Fastag pays toll tax online for which you no longer need to check the cash as Fastag removes the payment deductions from the linked bank account. .

Online Recharge

The payment of toll tax is done online through Fastag, for which toll tax amount is deducted from your account linked to Fastag and you have to recharge from time to time in case of loss of money from the account.

SMS Alerts For Transaction

The whole process of paying toll tax from Fastag is online, so whenever you pay toll tax through Fastag, you are provided with information via SMS every time.


The biggest advantage of using Fastag is that you get cashback on payment from Fastag and this cashback can be up to 2.5%.

Web portal

Web portals have been created for planners using Fastag, which can get all kinds of information related to their Fastag.

Easy to use

It is very easy to use Fastag. To use Fastag, you just have to apply it on the window screen of your vehicle.

Documents required for Fastag

To make Fastag, you can get it made by going to online banks or offline point of sale location, for which you must have some documents.

1. Train registration documents like RC
2. Passport size photo of the owner of the car
3. KYC documents of the vehicle owner such as driving license, PAN card, passport, voter ID card or Aadhaar card etc.
4. Address proof of owner
5. Submit Fastag Application Form

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How to make fastag

You can make Fastag in two ways, first way is offline, second way is online. You can make Fastag for your car using either of these two methods, so let’s know about both ways.

How to make fastag offline

1. To make Fastag offline, you can buy offline from banks by visiting the Point of Sale (POS) location of the banks under the National Electronic Toll Association.

2. You can also buy Fastag from all toll plazas or select petrol pumps.

3. For Fastag, you have to submit the required Fastag application form along with the necessary documents like ID proof, RC of car, KYC.

How to make Fastag Online

You can also apply Fastag online and buy Fastag from banks which are National Electronic Toll Consolidation (Netc) Are authorized or you MYFastag App One can also get Online Fastag by using.

1. First of all visit the website of authorized banks of National Electronic Toll Association (NETC) and apply to get Fastag.

2. To apply Fastag, enter the information like name, address, date of birth, mobile number, email id etc.

3. Enter your KYC documents information for Fastag.

4. Enter the vehicle registration number or RC number.

5. Scan and submit photocopies of all documents.

In this way, you can apply for Fastag, after which your Fastag Account becomes, to recharge Fastag, you Credit CardYou can recharge your FASTag account through / debit card / NEFT / RTGS / net banking.

How do Fastag Activate

First of all, you need to give Fastag to Authorized Bank or select petrol pumps, toll plazas and Paytm You can also buy from this, after which activate Fastag in a different step.

After buying Fastag, you have to download and install the Fastag App created by NHAI to activate it, where you can activate it by entering details of your Fastag and also you can recharge your Fastag through Fastag App. is.

How to Recharge Fastag

There are many options available online to recharge Fastag like Debit Card /Credit card/ Net Banking /UPI You can recharge your fastag by etc.

You can mainly use two methods to recharge Fastag. The first way is by downloading and installing MyFastg App, you can recharge your Fastag.

And in another way you can recharge your Fastag by visiting your Fastag Bank website and also get all kinds of information related to your Fastag.

Online Fastag Application Banks Listing

Helpline number list of Fastag banks

FASTag Bank Name Toll-free number
Axis Bank 1800-419-8585
Bank of baroda 1800-103-4568
City union bank 1800-258-7200
Yes Bank 1800-1200
Federal bank 1800-266-9520
Union bank 1800-22-2244
HDFC Bank 18000-120-1243
ICICI Bank 1800-2100-104
IDFC Bank 1800-266-9970
Indusind Bank 1860-500-5004
Karur Vysya Bank 1800-102-1916
Kotak Mahindra Bank 1800-419-6606
Fino Payments Bank 1860-266-3466
Syndicate Bank 1800-425-0585
South Indian Bank 1800-425-1809
Punjab National Bank 080-67295310
Saraswat Bank 1800-266-9545
EQUITAS Small Finance Bank 1800-419-1996
PayTM Payments Bank Ltd. 1800-102-6480
Nagpur Nagarik Sahakari Bank Ltd. 1800-266-7183
Punjab & Maharashtra Co-op Bank 1800-223-993
State Bank of India (SBI) 1800-11-0018

Often the four-wheelers on their toll plazas may have seen the four-wheelers exit the toll plaza uninterruptedly, mainly because of the fastag on their trains which are paid toll tax and while paying toll tax in cash payments. It takes a lot of time.

That’s why Fastag has already been used by a lot of people, but there is still a very large section of India who do not use Fastag yet but now it has been made mandatory.

Therefore, if you have not yet made fast, then apply for fast fast as double toll tax will be charged on vehicles without fast.

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