/What is Khabri App and how to earn money

What is Khabri App and how to earn money

If you run youtube then your Khabri App Must have heard the name of this and now its ads have also been seen on TV, so this Khabri App is becoming very popular which is used by millions of people.

As a matter of fact, all of us resort to Youtube, TV and OTT platforms to listen to news, stories, motivations, music, poems and talk about our favorite celebrities so that we have to watch videos again and again.

Download khabri app kya hai paise kaise kamaye

But it is not necessary that everyone likes to see all these things, some people only like to listen to them. For those people who like to listen to news, stories, motivations, music, poems and their favorite celebrity only. “Khabri AppIs a great option.

So today I am going to give you complete information about Khabri App Like what is Khabri App? How to download Khabri App? How to create an account in Khabari app? And how to earn money with Khabari app? And so on.

So if you are fond of learning something everyday, that too along with doing your work, then the news app will prove to be very beneficial for you, so let’s know about it in detail.

What is Khabri App

The Khabri App is an online audio sharing platform where you can listen to Hindi audio news, current affairs, job, horoscope, express news, stories and motivenal podcasts as well as post your own channel and also post audio and make money.

Khabari app claims that this app is India’s number one podcast app, here you will find all the big channels and top creators like NDTV, CNN, Indresh RC, MD Motivation, Man Ki Awaz, Abby Viral, Awal Engish, Vinay Sir, TS Madan And I Am Rocker’s audio can be heard online and can also be downloaded.

This app was launched on April 18, 2016, the app has a rating of 4.6 on the Google Play Store and has been reviewed by more than 14 thousand people and downloaded more than 5 lakh times.

How to download Khabri App

The best way to download the Khabri app is to download it from the Google Play Store. To download the Khabri app, you have to follow the following steps.

Step 1-. To download the Khabri app, go to the Google Play Store in the search bar “Khabri App” Click on the search button by typing or click on the download button below.

App Download

Step 2- Now the news app will come in front of you and below this app is given the install button, on which click on this app will be downloaded and automatically installed in your phone.

How to create an account on Khabri App

When you download and install the Khabri app properly in your phone, then to use this app well, you have to create an account, you have to follow the following steps to create an account.

Khabri App se paise kais kamaye

Step1- After downloading the Khabri App, open the Khabri app, where you will get the default language selected in Hindi, if you want, you can also select English and then you have to click on the “Continue” button.

Step2- After selecting the language, a new page will open in front of you, in which there will be many categories, after selecting your favorite category, click on “Save”.

Step3- As soon as you save the category, the interface of this app will appear in front of you, then to create an account, you have to click on the option on the right side below.

Khabri App download kais kare

Step4- After this, click on login and enter your mobile number, on which an OTP message will come, through this OTP your mobile number will be automatically verified.

Step5- After this, after filling your name and selecting gender, click on “Submit” and your account will be created.

Features of Khabri App

If you have created an account by downloading your Khabari app, then you will be very eager to know its feature, so let’s know about the feature of Khabri app!

1. On the Khabri app, you can get the latest news, inspiration, Government JobTopics like knowledge, faith, faith, audio books, health, zodiac, music, stories can be heard anytime anywhere and yes 18+ can also listen.

2. You on Khabri App Own channel Create and post audio Can earn money online If you like the audio of a channel, you can also follow it by clicking on the follow button.

3. On the Khabri app, you can listen to any audio online or even download that audio offline and for this you do not have to take any subscription.

4. In this app, you can listen to the audio of any channel and share it like, comment and others, with this you can also see the list of audio which you have heard and can listen again.

How to use Khabri App

As I have already mentioned that Khabri App Audio Podcasts are Listing Platform, here you will not get to see anything other than Audio Podcasts.

home – Trending Week, Trending on the home page of Khabri App. Audio podcasts of news, government jobs, inspiration, motivation will be seen and there is also a play button next to those podcasts, by clicking on which you can listen to the audio.

Channel – On the homepage itself, you are given channels related to news, government jobs, inspiration, trending channels, music, stories, horoscope, faith trust, audio books, health, etc., you can listen to whatever channel you listen to.

Library – After Home in the app, the option of Library has been given, on clicking which news channels of the top creators will come, these channels are recommended by Khabri App itself, along with the list of audio which you have downloaded on the library.

Notifixion – This option is related to notifiction, here you will get the news of breaking news and the notifiction of the channels that you have followed.

Search Bar – The search bar has been given at the top of the home page where you can search any audio or any channel and listen to all the audio in the channel.

Follow To follow any channel, you have to click on the audio of that channel after which the music bar will appear on which all the options of the music will be opened and the follow option will also be seen in which the channel will be clicked. Can follow

How to earn money with Khabri App

With the help of this platform, you can also create your own fan following and through them you can earn money in many ways, but mainly you can earn money in two ways with the Khabri App, let’s know.

First Way – In this method, you have to create your channel in the Khabri app and post daily audio, as you upload quality content and your listeners increase then your level also increases.

There are a lot of levels like Silver, Gold and Platinum as your level increases and you are popular in Khabari app, then Khabari app gives you money, however now it depends on Khabari app how much money it gives you Gives.

Second Way – In this way, you have to make a channel in the Khabri app, participate in a gig running on the Khabri app, the reward money is also guaranteed in the gig.You have to post the audio in a certain time according to the topic of the given gig.

If your audio follows all the conditions of the gig, then you win the prize money which appears in your wallet and which you can later transfer to the bank as well.

The Khabri app was giving very good money in its initial days but over time you can no longer earn money like it if you are a new creator, so now you can earn money by posting audio in gigs on Khabri app.

How to create channels in Khabri App

To create a channel in the Khabri app, you have to download the Khabri Studio App and to download the app, you have to follow the following steps to create a channel after downloading the Khabri App.

Step1 – After installing the Khabri Studio app, open it and enter the mobile number to SIGN UP in the app, and after the OTP arrives, your mobile number will be automatically verified.

Step2 – After that click on Enroll Now and click on “Create Your First Channel”, then you will get your channel’s photo, category, Channel Name And by filling the channel’s decryption, click on “Create Channel” and create the channel.

How to participate in gigs on Khabri App

Step1- You have to open the Khabri App and click on the option of Gig below where you will see many gigs.

Step2 – The gig that will be playing at that time will also have the timing of the ending of the gig, as well as the topic will be written in the gig on which you have to make audio and post.

Khabri App ki jankari

Step3 – You have to post audio by clicking on the gig on which topic you want to post audio and clicking on “Create New Content”.

How to increase the level on Khabri App

To earn more money on the Khabri app, your level should also be higher, ie if your level is Silver, Gold or Platinum then you can make more money.

To increase the level, you have to take part in the gig as well as posting quality audio which gives you points and your level also increases. Here we also tell you how many points must be there to reach the higher level.

-Rising Star
Min Content 0, Minimum Points 0 (earning from Gigs)
-Silver Creator
40 Content and 5000 Points (earning from Content and Gigs)
-Gold Creator
35 Content and 20,000 Points (earning more than Views and Promotion)
-Platinum Creator
30 Content and 40,000 Points (Higher Earnings)

Benefits of using Khabri App

1. In Khabri App, you get audio podcasts of news, government jobs, inspiration, motivation in one place, so that you do not have to watch videos and save your data too.

2. Khabri App is very beneficial for those who see less with eyes, they can listen to the necessary information with the help of this app.

3. This app is very good for children because here you get to hear funny stories and you can listen to these stories 24 hours anytime.

4. The biggest advantage of Khabri App is that you can use this app offline but the audio that you want to listen offline is to be downloaded first.

5. This app is also great for earning money, where you can earn thousands of rupees by creating your channel and posting audio.

6. Another biggest advantage of Khabari app is that you do not have to take a single penny or any subscription compared to other apps to use all these features here.

7. Now you will not have to watch and read videos, so you can listen to the required information as audio in addition to working.

So friends we hope you Khabri App All information given about such as What is Khabri App? How to download Khabri app and how to earn money from Khabri app, etc. would have been easily understood.

today Digital phase Is where you get different ways to work and gain knowledge and audio is also a medium through which you can save time and get information from audio along with work.

We hope that you have liked this article of ours and if you get to learn something about it, then you should share it with all your friends, so it will be beneficial for them as well.

By the way, we have provided all the information related to the news app, but if you have any questions or suggestions related to the news app, then you can ask in the comments, keep visiting our website to read such important information.

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