/What is Phone Pe App and how to earn money

What is Phone Pe App and how to earn money

Today the transaction of digital payment and money transfer in India has increased a lot, for which you can find different apps in Google Play Store like Paytm, Google Pay, Bhim etc. Today we will Phone Pe App We are going to tell about what you can do with digital payments and sit at home and earn money also means work and reward of money.

Phone Pe app is very popular for digital payment which is operated by Yes Bank which is completely safe for digital payment. You can do this from many types of digital payment phones only.

phone pe App

In Phone Pe App, you get many such options which are not seen in other apps. It is a UPI based app that works very fast, in which you have to link your bank account once and then you can make digital payments anytime.

Also, you can easily check the balance of your bank account and you can also earn money by sharing the Phone Pe app with your friends. So let’s know about the Phone Pe app in detail.

What is Phone Pe App

Phone Pe app, which you can also call Mobile Wallet because with the help of this app you can do mobile recharge, mobile bill, Gass bil, electricity bil, Dish Recharge, money transfer, online shopping etc.

It is a UPI based app with full form Unified Payment Interface which is operated by NPCI which manages India’s banking system so it is completely secure.

From Phone Pe app you online shopping You can do it and you also get cashback. Its biggest advantage is that if you buy something from a big online website like Filpkart, then you are given cashback as a discount.

If you transfer money from different bank account then this app will be very beneficial for you because you can add more than one bank account in Phone Pe app.

In the Phone Pe app, the money you are given in the form of cashback, you can use them only for shopping and Recharge but you cannot transfer them to the bank account. In this, you have to enter your details once and then it is saved in it. With Phone Pe, you can make secure payments 24/7 without any hassle.

How to create Phone Pe App account

To use Phone Pe App, first of all you have to create an account on it, after which you can take advantage of the features of this App and make digital payments with the help of your smartphone. It is very easy to create an account on Phone Pe, for this you have to have the things mentioned below.

1. Must be Smartphone.

2. Must have a bank account.

3. Mobile number should be linked to bank account.

4. You must have a debit or credit card.

5. Having an email id is optional.

6. Phone Pe app must be installed.

How to create an account on Phone Pe App

Step- 1
First install the Phone Pe App from the Google Play Store or click on the button below.

App Download

Step- 2
As soon as you open Phone Pe, you see the Register Now button, click on it.

Step- 3
Now enter your mobile No, OTP, full Name, and four peg phone pe Password and click on the Continue button.

Note- Enter the mobile number that is linked to your bank account.

Step- 4
Now your phone pe account has been created, now add your bank account which you want to make digital payment, you can add more than one bank account.

Step- 5
To add a bank account, you should have a debite or credit card and then select the bank account which is there and link it by entering the details of the card.

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How to use Phone Pe App

Phone Pe is very easy to use because its interface is very simple. As soon as you open it, you see different types of options on the home page and some options have also been given on the bottom as shown below.

phone pe app use hindi

On the home page you find three sections which are as follows
Make the most of your phone Pe account
Money Transfers
Recharge & Pay Bill

Make the most of your phone Pe account

From here you can add bank account

From here you can add Activate wallet and New Card.

From here, you can add photo i.e. set your profile.

Money Transfers

From here you can transfer money from Bank Pe to bank and your contact.

From here you can send money request to your friends.

From here you can check the balance of the bank account.

Recharge & Pay Bill

From here you can recharge all kinds of bills and such as mobile, DTH, Electricity, Credit cards, Landline, boradband, Gas, Water, Data Card, Insurance, Municipal Tax, etc.

If you want to buy gold, then you can do that too from here.

Benefits of Phone Pe App

1. You can do transactions up to Rs 1 lakh every day.

2. It is free for which you do not have to pay any charge.

3. You can do this online shopping, instead of which you get a lot.

4. It is based on UPI which is completely safe.

5. It is much faster than the rest of the app which does your work in minutes.

6. You do not have to enter your details repeatedly because once you are saved, it is saved.

7. It is available in many languages, you can choose the language of your choice.

8. It has almost all bank accounts available, out of which 40 banks are UPI enable.

9. You can earn money by sharing Phone Pe App with your friends.

10. You can pay it in many different ways like electricity bill, gas bill, mobile bill and recharge, dish recharge, money transfer, online shopping and bank balance.

phone pe app refferal program

How to earn money with Phone Pe App

If you use Phone pe App, then you can also earn money, for this you have to first create an account on Phone Pe and then share this app with your friends with your Refferal link.

When someone from the link you send creates his Phone Pe account by installing this app and after that he gets Rs 100 as soon as he makes his first transaction. In this way, you can earn 100 rupees through each referal link.

You have to share this referal link more and more so that more and more people use it to create an account and you can earn 100 rupees. To share this, you like social media facebook, Twitter, instagram, Whatsapp etc.

Also, if you pay with Phone Pe to do online shopping, then you can get discount and cashback. In this way, you can also earn money from the Phone pe app.

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Questions and answers related to Phone Pe App

Q – You can purchase online from Phonepe wallet
Of course, you can buy online from websites like flipkart, myntra, jabong.

How to use Q – Phone Pe cashback
Cashback received from this app cannot be transferred to the bank, so you can recharge, online shopping, bill payment etc. with these money.

Electricity bills can be paid by Q – Phone Pe.
Yes, you can pay many types of bills with this app.

How to activate Q – Phone pe deactivate again
For this, you register again with the mobile number linked to the bank account and login.

How to check bank balance with Q – Phone Pe App
Go to Phone pe App and you can check your bank balance by clicking on option check bank balence that appears on the home page.

From which time you can use Q – Phone Pe.
You can use it 24/7 hours without any hassle.

Q – PhonePe App How much money can I transfer from
You can transfer it up to 1 lakh rupees every day.

So friends you must have understood that What is Phone Pe App and how to earn money using it. I hope that this article must have been helpful for you, so if you liked our article, then share it and if you have any question. Comment Do it